Tommy Walker

Phase One Complete

It’s in my top three favorite books.

No one with a Monstrous ahead of mine in Amazon relevance has ever had a reviewer cite their Monstrous as equal first with their very favorite books. No “Tommy Walker” ahead of me has ever had a book of theirs singled out as conceivably being a reader’s all-time favorite.

I started sweating the interpretation of one outlying review until I saw that it was of a compact disc and not a book. And you’d think that there’d have been something to sweat going over the Monstrous anthology of B-horror shorts, with fifteen reviews being multiplied out by up to twenty stories, any of which, taken singly, might have struck a reviewer as an all-timer of a sort, but it never happened.

116+16+(15×20)= 0 citations, covering more ‘relevant’ Monstrouses. Then it’s one or two reviews here and there I had to check for the Christian musician Tommy Walker’s bookwork. Finally, one guy liked Tommy A. Walker’s book, just not nearly enough.

Every damn one of these guys, and books, carries a four-star average. I barely carry a two, among readers left to stumble upon my book on their own. But I’m on the freakin’ Board.

Okay…alright…fun has been fun, but now I’m all limbered up. I’m coming after you, David Guterson. Bainbridge Island gonna go down.


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