Tommy Walker

Potential Snowball Set in Motion

Dropped off a box at Goodwill containing thirteen copies of Monstrous.  After I had retrieved from the box a few personal belongings, I was a bit too fumbly in trying to secure its lid so I could get away without the guy being able to associate my face with the title.  Smooth I was anything but as well when he asked if I wanted a receipt.  “Why would I want a receipt?  Uh, nevermind, thank you, bu-bye.”

They are all BookCrossing books, special books on a journey, though I wonder if paying customers, no matter how nominal the price, will go along with my wishes that they release their copies when done.  Will they bother journaling their impressions, and if so will they be brief like my stickers ask of them when I’d much rather they be long-winded?  Will they not be fit for resale until the stickers are removed?  Will the thirteen get chucked in a Dumpster without ever going on sale?  Will the donation taker say “Yippee!” and take every one of them home?

For a long time I’d been thinking in terms of ridding my room of my copies before my grandson is able to read, and a lightbulb went off in my head that Goodwill might just be the ticket.  I was directed to their employment resource arm as a fellow looking to upgrade his profession, and came across a bunch of online reviews of their retail operations.  Goodwill shoppers are treasure hunters always on the lookout for bargains, and could you imagine the looks on some of their faces if they happened on a copy of Monstrous?  It could make their day simply to find a book in pristine condition, and for a certain caste of mind with respect to the subject matter, it could make their life.



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