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Something to Spruce up my Resume

Story of the Day in my present real life featured me spending the bulk of my time after work at a hospital. Probably no big or let’s hope not, but in any case I’ll let the occasion dictate my Monstrous excerpt of the moment. Since I’m seeking a fifth shift if I can’t generate sufficient sales of my book, the following is a passage designed for killing two birds with one stone.

Volunteered that summer as a candy striper at the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital. Not baby-sitting (exactly) or mowing lawns nor acting as a third-string paperboy as I once had been for Todd, but of being a team member in an organized scheme. [page 145]

Then there’s this one on the receiving end:

A mysterious fluid started filling in my right scrotal sac, whose neighbor at last report had been vacated of its testicle as result of my babyhood “ball-playing” game. I was very scared about what was happening, and because it had to do with my sexuality I found it difficult to tell anyone about what was going on. Had the problem for a period of weeks before managing with pleading eyes to tell Gary. From that point things happened quickly; appointments and doctors, hernia diagnosis, three-day hospitalization and surgery. [page 131-2]


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