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Doppelganger Head-to-Head

Made a fair chunk of an evening out of perusing Amazon reviews for Monstrous by Sean Platt and David W. Wright. The paranormal fantasy Kindle serial beats my Monstrous (The Autobiography of a Serial Killer but for the Grace of God) 116 to 6 in total reviews, a disparity bound to get a lot worse considering that their review count had up-ticked from 115 in the midst of my reading, whereas I’ve been stuck on six for five years. On quality at a glance they’ve got me too, with their average of four stars to my three, and if I really wanted to play the masochist I could dock myself most of a star after trimming away my two solicited reviews.

The Platt/Wright tandem is apparently prolific and their body of work has led all of two satisfied customers to proclaim or come close to proclaiming them their favorite authors. “Tommy Walker”, on the other hand, or at least the one writing this blog, equals his book, and though I might have scored a favorite point with one of my readers off-Amazon, I can only speculate on this based on a reading between the lines. A third satisfied customer said that there’s an aspect of Platt/Wright’s craft that no one else can match, and a fourth found a passage in the particular book in question that was quite possibly history’s best ever within a highly circumscribed category.

What they don’t have, for all their breathless gushing of thanks and liberal use of capitalization and exclamation points, coming from a bountiful group that was as likely to mention its ADHD/short attention span as it was to call Platt/Wright their favorites, is a single, solitary statement along the lines of their particular Monstrous being somebody’s favorite book. If the whole world was to nominate its Best Books Ever Written and ties for first were allowed, my beloved Monstrous is on the board and their Monstrous is not. Mine’s on in six reviews and four real ones– that is, on the up-and-up– and taken chronologically, most recent first, my Monstrous is currently one-for-one and they are oh-fer-116 and counting. This is Hall-of-Famer Ted Williams homering in his last Major League at-bat. Either that or Lyman Bostock hitting .300 lifetime before he was fatally shot.


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