Tommy Walker

I Love It

Embed a video and voila, instant graphics. Since I’m the only soul who has commented on this person’s video so far, their comment section can also double as my day’s deep thoughts in writing.

Good to find a simple commentary on the childhoods of serial killers; we need more of this. (By the way, I love your room’s background) Abusive childhoods are indeed key, though I’d like to see more acknowledgment that witnessing mistreatment can be as significant as experiencing it firsthand.

I was with you right up until you stated your belief that a genetic defect needs to be present to account for why some people do and some people don’t, given equally horrible childhoods.

I think it’s more the case in serial killer childhoods that nothing goes right developmentally, rather than that they experience a lot that is spectacularly wrong. Maleness is a huge factor genetically, though I wouldn’t call that a defect, and there are other traits a person can have that would seem innocuous or even positive by themselves, such as physical strength and intelligence, which can help a killer along toward his destiny if these traits become married to an anti-social outlook.


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