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Mr. Anime Post-Lobotomy

A layman’s snap judgment– sorry. Maybe what we’ve been seeing in Trey Sesler’s more recent videos is the onset of schizophrenia; maybe the pneumothorax self-reported on plays into it somehow. I have not pinpointed where the change occurred, but boy is it striking to compare Mr. Anime’s recent stuff with his earlier work. He used to be a genius, but not anymore looks like, and a little bird tells me that he probably remembers sharper days through his current fog now and then, and doesn’t like the change.

The murderer on his way that I see watching his videos comes from viewing his early stuff, when he was sharp as a tack and full of attitude. Often he would voice that he didn’t give a fuck, but there he was striving toward worldly pursuits as if he gave a handjob at least. But clearly he aspired to not giving a fiddler’s fart, like he aspired to so many things, and toward the end we may truly have been witnessing a man with next to no motivation.

Whatever name is to be used to account for the outward change, I do not trust it to account for his inner movement. When I play the Party Game with myself and look for comps, naturally I see myself as closely resembling Ted Bundy. But it surprised me to learn how much I had in common with earthquake preventer Herb Mullin. Sometimes a person just needs a little help to do the dirty job that needs doing. If they are too sane they have to go crazy.

I’ve noticed this a lot with white offenders as opposed to black guys. And maybe it’s not so much about being Saner Than Thou as having a too-nice persona. In the American black subculture it’s okay to be angry. They have every right to be angry, it makes sense to be angry, and the emotion is not hidden from view. The black murderer doesn’t need the extra help; he can kill you while perfectly sane. Whitey, on the other hand, is all about keeping up appearances that everything’s hunky-dory, even though if you looked hard enough you would realize he too could reasonably feel in the way that he does. So Whitey arranges a deal with the gods, or with the left hand God’s right disavows, and is transformed into the psycho he needs to be to pull his violence off.


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Mr. Anime– Reactions to Reactions

“I don’t even know how I’m supposed to feel about this.”

My, the most pressing concern a ‘psychopath’ or chameleon growing up deals with every day, and it takes a tragedy for a normal to visit the same desperate place. Could it be, just maybe, that my people are dealing with something existentially from one breath to the next that is on a par with what you go through only on your very worst days? Where do your qualifications for passing judgment come from, given the severity of your underexposure to the outlines of reality?

Trey Sesler hid virtually nothing about who he was. He hid in plain sight in your lie. Take a retrospective stroll through his history as a reviewer and tell me that you can’t see a murderer in the making. He shoots guns at people in his videos and shows the splattering blood, he ‘stabs’ himself and laughs– or wait– that is you and I laughing. He subliminally (ha ha) embeds the words “Fuck You All” in a video and compels you to rewind so that you will ‘catch’ him the second time around. You shoot toy guns in your own videos, but it’s just a gag. You stab yourself, or do you, but if you did you would find it hilarious, because it is just for pretend. You would make yourself out to be other than who you are; you are the liar in this picture.

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Mr. Anime

Suspect in Deaths Studied Serial Killers

‘Serial killers’ is another of those terms. You can type it and have a good chance of finding what you’re after, even if you don’t actually find any serial killers. As far as I can tell from what has been revealed, this is really a story about a guy who watched way too much anime, but how many people would find the story if the anime angle received top billing?

I know a fellow who watched The Deerhunter, a movie that features extremely realistic repeated scenes of men losing at Russian roulette, I think three times a day for two weeks, and you would drop me like a stone and run into his arms if I gave you his address. Moreover, the resemblance between the two men, physically and in manner, is uncanny in every respect.

From Trey Sesler’s review of Gantz:

“I didn’t really know this type of violence and sexual content existed in animes. I mean, it’s been going on since the ’60s and ’70s, probably before that in animation, but this show really opened me up. This is a wonderful show.”

(Sesler docked it a point to a nine because of “issues some of the characters had with killing people.”)

Looks like I hit paydirt on my very first try in combing through his YouTube videos, if I wanted to find a sound bite that would help to string him up, or alternatively persuade his jailers to throw away the key. Strikes me as likely that many curiosity seekers had found the video before me, and had pushed it to the top of Mr. Anime’s collection in terms of relevance. But would anyone in the mainstream actually disagree with this Monstrous sentence fragment?:

You can’t get any hotter than linking sex with death…

I should point out that the above review was dated September 27th, 2007, so the guy had 4 1/2 years to go before his full flowering. The dude had plenty of fans eating up his tint of dark humor, and really there is no wonder. He was exceptional at what he did, exacting and precise in his craft. Searching carefully for just the right words, and scaling his reviews believably to the nearest half point, such that he was really working with a twenty-point scale. He would find creative ways to attack you from his remote location on the other side of the screen, and you would feel attacked. And then you’d rewind the video so that he could attack you again. I know this to be true because yesterday I became a big fan.

I came away with the impression that he was always pushing himself– or that something was pushing him— to become coarser, and in fact more into anime, than he actually was. In earlier videos especially there would be a hesitation before launching a swearing fit, and sometimes he’d back out of an obscenity stream and play it more like his actual self. Also, his natural interest in anime was being augmented by his needs to nurture and grow his fan base, to become his niche’s #1, to crank out more and more videos and accept his viewers’ requests.

“I love my mom, dad and brother.
Why did I do this?
God forgive me, because I cannot forgive myself”

‘William Heirens’ is another of those terms. That’s what I just now Googled, and it got me where I was going, though more accurate would have been ‘The Lipstick Killer’ for all the lingering doubts as to whether the one was the other. Contrast and compare the respective quotes left on their crime scene walls.

“For heaven’s sake
catch me before I kill more.
I cannot control myself.”

Could Sesler have been cheating halfway, as a ‘grader’ of serial killers (though in the end he’d decide on the mass murder route)? Does he take up killing pets and starting fires only after acquainting himself with the serial killer Triad? Should he have taken up wetting his bed at age twenty-two for the sake of being complete?

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