Tommy Walker

Book ‘Em Archives 2001 – 2002

(This review by Anneli Rufus followed that of “I: The Creation of a Serial Killer” by Jack Olsen.  I feared it was gone forever, but today I tried a different sort of search and search engine, and there it was. Posting it here just in case the original truly one day goes away.  Not sure about the “close calls” part, or other language in support of that statement, but this is one person’s take.)

Monstrous, by Tommy Walker.  (, 2001): Offering yet more insight into the spirit’s scariest recesses, this “autobiography of a serial killer but for the grace of God” mixes sardonic wit with vivid detail to track some very close calls. Starting with his perfectly ordinary birth, the pseudonymous Walker recalls his first murderous urges as a schoolboy and their progression into much more detailed plans. Living in an urban university district, the author nurtured homicidal fantasies, choosing locations and even victims. This is about as close as you can come to a murderer’s mind, this side of murder.


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