Tommy Walker

My Rival Leaves Me Behind

You figure Dahmer would have aced Frog Dissection, but I’m my own man. Part two of three to commemorate the recent finding online of my long lost rival.

Second half of the year, me and William Duboise found ourselves enrolled in Science, our first shared class since early third grade. There came a frog dissection project. Me and William would be working as partners for the very first time.

In the higher grades they let you fail more privately than in grade school, the older a dog you become. I’d recently experienced plenty of failure in this class and others already, but up until now it had mostly been my little secret. Wordlessly my brain cells had been committing hara-kiri at a truly alarming rate.

William was as strong a student as ever. He was amazingly quick of mind, and I didn’t realize until the frog dissection just how quick. This was when for me it became painfully clear how far the two of us had diverged in terms of academic sharpness, and by extension since we had once been so neck and neck, how far I had diverged from my former self. He knew what he was doing when it came to that frog, that no, that’s a lung and that’s a liver, while all I really knew was that I didn’t know shit.

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