Tommy Walker

The Turkeys Really Were The Turkeys

Maybe this is how my anonymity, where thought to be worth preserving, will finally get blown.

Intro to my Rival

The lifestyle of tetherball began, and while I found I was quite good, so was William “Rocket Man” Duboise, a kid who was also one-two with me in almost everything academic. He was beating me by a ratio of 54-46, which I know because I used to keep track.

In tetherball as in life, winner stays on, so with me and William playing head and shoulders above the class, one of us would almost always be in the winner’s semi-circle. A common scenario would have me knocking off six straight challengers before William came next in line. William beats me, knocks off six in a row, then I beat him, and so on. Generally we’d make short work of the others, but our matches against each other could last as long as the other six combined. In a pool of eight players only two of who could play at once, me and William would each be on the court about seventy-five percent of the time, and the people waiting in line would get tired of watching us play.

In the midst of one of our signature marathon matches, someone from the peanut gallery speaking for everyone said, “Come on, you turkeys! Somebody win!” and I was struck with inspiration.

“That’s it!” I said. “We’re the Turkeys!”

“Yeah!” William chimed, and so the Turkeys were born.

Besides being the best players in the grade, we were united on the rules under which we liked to compete. I nominated and William seconded the motion that the Turkeys would be founded on a dedication to the furtherance of “Turkey Rules” as the only right way to play.

One of the effects of having two great athletes on display down at the tetherball courts, the two best students to boot, was that the game’s local popularity grew in leaps and bounds, quickly becoming the most popular sport in the second grade. Me and William became masters of the great outdoors to complement our indoor credentials, undisputed big shots on campus.

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