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Chapter Seven– Enjoy


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Today I Learned What Became of my Long Lost Rival

Looked up the guy I referred to as “William Duboise” in my book, and he actually has quite an internet presence. Google his occupation and hobby, and he floats to the top of results among the living. He has a YouTube presence and I saw him. He’s been interviewed on radio and I heard him via MP3. Still, I’ve had some trouble actually recognizing him; perhaps his eyes have changed an iota since October of third grade, which was not the case when we reunited in seventh. He has gone by two different names and I looked them both up, and one page in particular referenced the name that he has now discarded. Yep, it’s him alright…same town…and outrageous intelligence, which I don’t mean as a pat on the back even though I beat the pants off him at the multiplication tables. He was ridiculously accomplished even in junior high, and that has carried over nicely as he’s lived his adult life.

What gets me more than anything is how similar we appear even in our emotional make-up. The rivalry was based on our being one-two in almost everything both academic and athletic when we first knew each other. Emotionally, all I could have said at the time was that I liked him. I don’t know that we talked about anything, least not substantive. But lo, fast forward to the present day and he’s a writer just like myself, a speaker if the radio show was any indication, and I got a glimpse of his inner life I’ve never had before, save for briefly secondhand through “Todd Stickley”. He might be just the sort who’d dig Monstrous.

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