Tommy Walker

Yesterday’s Imaginary Friends Expanded Upon

‘Maximilian’: homeless guy
Rex: dinosaur ‘lizard king’

Big Ben (Benjamin Durrend): dinosaur challenge to Rex who later morphs into a 9’6″ basketball playing human– one for the Monstrousphiles!

Ronnie Croy Barrel: beloved anti-christ
Texxie McWhizz: one-time world’s fastest man
Chick McQueen: All-Sports Pioneer
Bassman Jodi: incarnation of mom
Vern Valentine Sr.: leader of the clan
Vern Valentine Jr.: eldest son

Victor Valentine: brain in a family of athletes wore glasses– Monstrousphiles!

Vander Valentine: coolest of the cool
Vincent Valentine: barnstorming baseball team member
Veal Valentine: barnstorming baseball team member

Jackie Valentine: best baseballer in history had over a hundred HRs one year– M!

Bobbie Valentine– baby of the family

Omar Belitnakoff: ran absolutely wild; basketballer was 7’9″, brilliant on ‘D’ and missed about half of his dunks– M!

Ollie Johnson: The Living Master
General Bernard Sanford: Top cop in the country
Brad: plain Joe proprietor

Stottlemeyer: Philly Flag basketball sharpshooter– M!
Warski: Philly Flag bruiser fouled out a lot– M!
D’Angelo: Flag bricked most of his lay-ins– M!
Jose Brown: very Rod Carew-ish
(Customs Booth Agent): a nation unto himself


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