Tommy Walker

Transcendent Man

Bo Jackson had a few things going for him as a kid toward potentially becoming a serial killer someday. A stutter and kids making fun of him, and his feeling weird for being the only kid in the neighborhood who didn’t have a father.

Oh, and he got into trouble.

I’m made to wonder, if he were growing up today, if his fatherlessness would have been mitigated by the fact it can now be the norm in black neighborhoods. It’s better to have both parents around, but at least not having both isn’t weird.

Bo Jackson in his prime was oft-described as a superman, and Nietszche had quite a bit to say on the superman subject. Could Jackson’s circumstances growing up have informed his physical body? Was growing faster and stronger his way to evolve and break free of his bad situation?

Is anyone out there besides me capable of thinking along these lines?


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