Tommy Walker

Some Things Better Left Unsaid

But I am nothing in this space if not compulsive. The best line in my book is attributed to another person, but I’m the one who made it so great. What ‘Dwight’ actually said was “Bo Does Ursula”, in the same sense that Debbie Does Dallas.

Remember telling Dwight [a bisexual] I was in love with both Ursula the porn queen and Bo Jackson of the Kansas City Royals, that I couldn’t make up my mind. Dwight could relate to that. He suggested as the ultimate fuck flick, “Bo Knows Ursula”.

[page 366]

I’ve never heard anyone else mention my ultimate Bo Jackson moment. Remember the time Bo Jackson hit into that double play? He hit the ball so hard I thought my god, a sure triple play! Never in my life had I seen a sure triple play ground ball. And he freakin’ beat it out!


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