Tommy Walker

This One’s More Perfect Than I Asked It To Be

— which is typical.

Thinking back on the subject of sex, it seems almost a given that my first remembrance would be of witnessing a perversion. Simply by virtue of my witnessing since sex is generally kept from public view. The first I recall was an instance of bestiality.

I was in a group of kids on the periphery of which a Doberman was walking around, and Dodd Wilhelm, the oldest at seven, was showing off his brother, the youngest at probably three. Dodd was saying of his brother, “He’ll try anything.”

We said no he won’t.

Dodd told his brother, “Go suck the dog’s dick.” The kid walked up to the Doberman and did as he was told.

This first exposure to sex in some form could well be the likeliest story to trip up my anonymity, because I memorably had a telling of this story read aloud in my senior Child Development class. Everyone else’s first had been so innocuous, and my teacher had been blushing and flustered in advance of uttering my punchline. She finally got another student to read it in her place.

Had I kept this telling in mind, I would have had no business normalizing first-time perversions as a “given”, for clearly my first experience was atypical. But it certainly was suggestive of my attitude at the time, and notwithstanding, why should it have been otherwise, when the following is the memory that followed it:

My second was of playing Doctor, me and Dodd examining a little girl. Must’ve been at my folks’ because at one point Melissa opened the door and started shrieking, “Get away from that girl!” while advancing like a house afire.

Sucking a dog’s dick brought no wrath. To the contrary it impressed a whole group of kids. Looking at a girl was traumatic.


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