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Take Your Pick

Occurred to me during my morning ten-minute break that my mind had revisited my personally historic Homeless Treks One and Two from over twenty-five years ago without their being connected by their Homeless Trek commonality.

I had sat down to some bacon, and recalled it said that humans taste more like bacon, that most divine of foods, than anything else, though Jeffrey Dahmer said we tasted like beef. This tidbit was included at trial as a confirmation of cannibalism, though it was unclear if Dahmer liked beef. Nico Klaus said we tasted like horse meat. I wondered if my dad might have been right that we really did taste terrible for all our weight in brains, but then I thought how my cow brain enchilada at a stand in East Los Angeles during Homeless Trek One was one of the most delicious things I have ever had.

The cow brain enchilada made my first draft but not the final cut, which places it on a higher pedestal as a memory than my canonical memory collection. Best would be too much to hope for, that I might have unearthed from my memory banks something for the very first time.

It was late in my break from the dishes, after my mind had wandered from this and that to the other, that I experienced appreciatively the quality of the air and the peacefulness of my setting, although I would not have chosen for it to be raining. This immediately took me back to my anecdote from Florida, Homeless Trek Two, when rain could not have felt more welcome.


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