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Today I wrote copy for a message I intend to send to every forensic psychologist in the universe. So far, I have actually sent this message to a single individual. I teetered on the verge of making it personal and less spammy-looking, as by addressing this person’s specialties, but could think of no way I could do this without raising the creep factor, and spamming is creepy enough. I shall need to conserve my strength anyway as I commit to going full-throttle Operation Spam.

I have never embarked upon anything this distasteful in the dozen years Monstrous has been around, and what’s brought me to this place is the recent realization that my book couldn’t get any deader. Zero meaningful sales in the past five years, of the sort where a reader proves that they have a pulse by writing their impressions online, and Nature has utterly failed at taking its proper course. Somebody puts it in a tie for first on their list of favorite books, and this is the day Monstrous dies? ‘Final Truth’ has never done this. ‘Monstrous’ has done this twice out of six, no more than eight, reviewed sales going back to its GreatUnpublished days, and freakin’ ‘Snow Falling On Cedars’ doesn’t have an equal stretch in 778 Amazon reviews.

Here’s a good time to slap me, and remind me that I made two sales on a single day just this past week. I’m hoping it flowed from my rubbing shoulders with Nietzsche, and that is wasn’t a case of them seeing all those glowing statements reprinted about ‘Final Truth’ and thinking that they applied to ‘Monstrous’.

Just a note to make you aware of a book that you might otherwise never hear of, that I would think invaluable to forensic psychologists. It’s called ‘Monstrous: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer but for the Grace of God’ and was written under my pen name “Tommy Walker”. I blog daily at


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