Tommy Walker

Good-Bye Cruel World

Do you realize that everything I’ve ever done to make money off of Monstrous has lost money instead? If not dollar for dollar, then dollar for sweat investment, as with the person who expends greater than a cent’s worth of energy while stooping to pick up a penny. Somewhere in there was an exorbitant paid review that may never have led to a paid customer, yet I’m happy for it nonetheless because it got me, in the reviewer himself, a reader who paid attention, and who as result wrote an interesting review. Careful readers, like the teachers throughout my school days who I was conditioned to write for, invariably get a lot from my book.

I used to stack the deck even more in favor of the wide awake sort of reader, as opposed to those passing the time, because my print script was famously tiny. I forced my teachers to lean into the page and pry their eyes wide just to make out the words, and this attitude of increased concentration prepared them well for the content before them.

Fast-forward to the internet age and the frenetically spinning world around it, and I would find it hard to exaggerate the disconnect I’ve felt between what good writing meant when I was learning how to write and what is appreciated now. In the first place, I spell too well to pass myself as breathless and bubbly.

I’m amazed at the talent our race used to have for memorizing and reciting the stories of our elders passed down through generations. And I’m amazed at the capacity our unwashed used to have to follow the thread of a reasoned oral argument from one sentence fragment to the next over the course of a paragraph that might never end. I should be amazed at how my three year old grandson is already better than I am at negotiating the latest technology, except that so many others have chimed on observations of this nature that I’m not as amazed as I might have been. I am going the way of the dodo, and can only hope that if I can’t be enjoyed, I can at least amaze in a museum.


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