Tommy Walker

Oh My Goodness

“Embedding disabled by request”. So a simple link this time around:

Ed Kemper Interview, 1991

Grander scale on Kemper’s part, his serial murdering versus my serial masturbating (27 years ago), and his oral communication is way better than mine though I would hope to beat him in writing, but otherwise peas in a pod.

One major surprise in his telling. That he was calling himself weak just before the co-ed murders began, for the fact that to this point he had played his game of picking up hitchhikers for three years without ever going through with his fantasy. The phenomenon is not a surprise. I had the same nagging voice spurring me in the direction of murder, a devil on my shoulder taunting me that I couldn’t harm a fly. What’s surprising to me is that Kemper had already crossed the line to becoming a murderer by killing his grandparents years earlier. Shouldn’t that have been sufficient to prove to oneself for all time that you’re not weak in at least one dimension?


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