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Gaskins/Earle on the Canvas and They Can’t Get Up

I was shaking in my shoes but the verdict is in: Monstrous beat Final Truth

At 15-for-63 for Donald Gaskins with Wilton Earle, Final Truth: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer beats heck out of the 27 (I think it was) out of 778 for David Guterson’s Snow Falling On Cedars, in terms of quantified citations from Amazon customer reviews, but it has never received a genre-transcendent, unqualified equal first on a reader’s list of favorite books, and my baby has.

1/17/98 sickest autobiography I’ve ever read
4/15/98 the best criminal autobiography ever?
4/19/98 best true crime book ever written; best written book I have ever read
12/6/98 the most gross (serial killer book)
7/26/99 I have never been so sickened and appalled by any book I’ve read
12/13/99 very best autobiography of a serial killer
1/24/2000 by far the most educational and disturbing book of its kind
10/11/2000 the most engrossing book I have ever read
5/11/2001 I’ve never been so horrified by a killer’s story
10/5/2002 best telling ever of a killer’s crimes
1/27/2003 no book has ever unleashed such an outpour of (previously unknown) emotions in me
1/27/2003 (he regarded it) as the most vivid account of human brutality in print. I must say I agree.
9/5/2003 best damn book I’ve read in a long time
3/9/2010 best serial killer book ever
8/26/2012 I think this is the great book of the year

I’m thinking this space may be used more and more for publishing various lists, and that YouTube may get most of my thinking.


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