Tommy Walker

Umms and Ers

I seriously like my lavish umms and ers, my partial thoughts to nowhere, my frequent mental backspacing for all the world to hear in my latest ‘radio’ episode on YouTube. It takes me back to the auction gold that my original Monstrous tapes might become someday. A reader once remarked about the minutia I was able to ‘effortlessly’ dredge up from my memory when in reality the process was more like pulling teeth, and having this unedited version of myself means I have something to point to that can hint at the truth of this statement.

I forget the reasoning, though I recall it sounded skimpy, but somehow psychopathy is associated with more umms and ers than are present in the speech patterns of the general prison population. I don’t take much stock in the concept of personality disorders, though for the record it is avoidant personality that I’ve found myself best matching up with. You still might want to avoid me.


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