Tommy Walker

Here or There

Doing a lot of staring at my computer screen between journeys from one page to another. To post another YouTube video or post here on my blog? I have thought for most purposes that videos would be easier, since in that medium I’m inclined to let ‘rough drafts’ go, whereas in writing I place the burden upon myself to be more exacting. The use of a recorder in producing audio takes me back to the process involved in creating Monstrous, when audio in the form of a tape recorder was the form of my roughest draft.

What I’m finding, though, at least for tonight, is that I don’t have the psychic energy to project my voice to a level that would be easily heard in the finished product. I don’t think silence beats sound at the moment, and don’t trust completely that I wouldn’t wake my wife up, though she’s downstairs well away from my room. There’s also the issue at present that I might have to be so loud as to hurt my own ears.

This YouTube idea is seductive, with so much potential for views, though as of now I’m the only person who has seen (listened to) my videos. I might be spending a lot more time over there, and less here, holding myself to my one-a-day schedule between the two.


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