Tommy Walker

YouTube Stardom Here We Come

I’d tell you the link, but can’t figure out how to find the address without artificially inflating my view count, which at one from my own eyeballs is already bad enough. One way to find me is to plug in the title of my book, and insist that you do in fact mean ‘Monstrous’ and not ‘Monster’.

The key to a loud enough volume is to crank everything, microphone and speakers and Movie Maker audio to the max, to record with the microphone volume high enough to annoy yourself with your own breathing, and to practically be eating the mic, which requires for one of the headphone earmuffs to be resting ajar from your ear. Of course, it is also true that I was trying to record a kind of lullaby in an appropriately soft voice.


Interesting developments at Amazon. I’m always a sucker for movement in my counts for new and used copies, but beyond seeing an uptick from 18 to 19 new, I found today that my frequent visits have ingratiated ‘Monstrous’ higher in Amazon search results. I have searched ‘Snow Falling On Cedars’ so many times that it and ‘Monstrous’ are now considered related, though as of now ‘Snow’ is mentioned on my page and not vice versa. Also, I’ve made a leap from page 12 to 10 of books that are viewed by people who also view ‘Final Truth: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer’. This is because I keep looking myself up via ‘Final Truth’, as it is oddly through this pathway that I can locate the shortest URL to my own page. Much more unwieldy an address to copy and paste when I find myself via the keywords of ‘Monstrous Tommy’.


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