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Tale of the Tape

My creative non- versus his fiction, my cat lady freebies versus David Guterson’s most recent Amazon sales taken to an equal number of comments. About half as many BookCrossers, reader for reader, had twice as much to say.

This was my slow patch in terms of tape-measure home runs, as sandwiched between my two 1-fer-4s on sales is this oh-fer-25 or so during which period no one said that mine could be argued for as their all-time favorite book. But I still hit one out of the park, if not the stadium, and Guterson did not. Here was when I picked up my kudos for writing someone’s most re-readable paragraph in fifteen years since Jack Keroauc’s “the only people for me are the mad ones”. It might not sound like much, but this achievement was actually critical to winning this particular reader over, overall, and today she has the number two slot on my back cover, even without mention of this feat.

Monstrous: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer but for the Grace of God

8 identified with, related to
7 well written (3 extremely)
6 interesting
6 wondered
6 disagreement with title
6 couldn’t get into
5 enjoyed
4 style (awesome, love, wonderful, good)
4 long (thick, massive)
4 too long
3 laughed (-ing), giggles
3 love (tone, style, fell in)
3 flowed (-s, -ed)
3 requires concentration
3 asks me to think further
3 took time to get into
3 difficult (emotional strain)
3 egotistical (absurdly)
3 diary (-ies)
2 memoir
2 couldn’t put down (kept me awake)
2 mesmerized (-izing)
2 hooked
2 ride (nice, interesting)
2 good writer
2 nice (-ly)
2 glad
2 scary
2 disturbing
2 creepy (-ily)
2 crude, crassness
2 uncomfortable (sensed discomfort)
2 odd (-ly)
2 curious
2 not what I expected
2 narcissist (-ic)
2 self-exposure (too much)
2 no empathy (pity or sympathy) for main
2 explicit (-ly)
2 detail (infinite, compulsive)
2 repetitive (-tion)
2 boring, dull
2 grammatical errors

Snow Falling On Cedars

10 great
7 flashbacks (4-3 against)
6 history (-ic, -ical, -ically)
6 interesting, interest
6 good story
5 good storytelling
5 well written
4 believable characters
4 descriptive -ons, -bed (word pictures)
4 detail (too much)
3 love
3 good storyline (great)
3 complex
3 unfolds
3 slow
3 lengthy
3 unnecessary sex scenes
2 liked
2 fascinating
2 moving (-ed)
2 lovely
2 beautifully written
2 insightful, insights
2 deep, depth
2 character-driven
2 care about characters
2 captures, recreates a time
2 covers ground we know little about
2 took time to get into
2 long-winded (wordy)
2 digressed
2 frustrated (-ion)
2 annoying (-ance)


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