Tommy Walker

Wild Idea

My latest wild idea is to actually make use of my YouTube channel by learning how to make and upload videos. I suppose I’ll need some sort of equipment.

I would start by making videos of me doing my made-up songs, but with my identity hidden by way of showing only a still of the cover of my book. Monstrous gets promoted anonymously since hardly anyone knows my singing voice, and my a capella solos get exposure. I’m starting to think in terms that I’m going to keel someday, and I want to give my various art babies a chance to survive me.

Don’t read prose at an open mic that is only accustomed to music. What a pretentious bore! And don’t choose passages that contain language you can’t utter in public and remain in your own skin. I can write/say it in private, but would have to point to the word if I was a director and wanted my actor to say it, something I have in common with David Lynch.


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