Tommy Walker

illness and ill feelings

I don’t have an excerpt at the ready for food poisoning, so this is the next best thing:

Then I fell ill and found myself in no mood to work, beyond the fact that two-thirds of my current teachers were condescending. I became so preoccupied with my illness and ill feelings that I completely forgot about the report I was supposed to do for Psychology. I never went to the library to get books on homosexuality; never explored the subject at all. All of a sudden one morning she asked for us to turn in our papers and I had absolutely nothing to show.

[page 280]

Three hours horizontal and my evil alarm clock will ring, though these days I’m friends with it. Monstrous isn’t my first piece of writing that my publisher didn’t approve of. In high school I wrote a piece while a member of the “Sweeney Gazette” in which an alarm clock gets smashed to bits, and it was this piece, after blissful months, that made me realize our paper had censors.


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