Tommy Walker

Cool Things Unearthed

Did I say Terms? I meant Statistically Improbable Phrases .

Some writings found on my desk while rummaging for papers to do with my baseball simulation program-in-progress. If I had only found this draft of marketing copy which just might be better than anything I’ve ever actually used, today’s post would have been set, but then I also found this letter from my late grandpa, dated October 28th, 1990 and addressed to both myself and my wife. Why was this stuff on my desk?

Ladies, gentlemen and hermaphrodites. Independent author Tommy Walker presents his sleeping cult classic but for how long, “Monstrous: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer but for the Grace of God”, the subtle true story of a nice boy turned stalker who stops and finds love. Ultimately a story about how close you, Constant Reader, came to becoming a serial killer. Available at Amazon .


Reticent: having an understated quality. Just a line to reinforce what I [Grandpa Welch] was telling Hannah about my view of Tommy’s personality. For an example I brought up the time Phil Donahue was in town. Tommy doesn’t want to go. Reason? A photographer would take a picture of the line. And Tommy would be in the picture.


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