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Connections Everywhere

Wildly impractical, and impossible, though it would be, I have thought a good way to demonstrate my book’s superiority would be to gather all the world’s authors, past and present, and have them all detail the thinking behind their choices in the construction of their best book. I bet I’d be the last one blabbing.

Or at least I would have been when my book was fresh, and the choices I made were fresh in my mind. Even so, Monstrous is a far sight better than this exercise would suggest, for all the choices that work on more levels than I consciously intended. Consider these snapshots of my life from the ages of eleven and twenty:

Upon making the discovery I would walk to {Prescott Avenue} alone whenever I had the chance and do little once I got there other than watch the cars go by. Just to be near the pulse of the city made me feel connected, vicariously a part of the fast lanes and their accelerated ebb and flow.

Eventually I took to making games out of my watching, “Car Counting” notable among them.[page 45]


My emergent favorite way to spend weekends was to go down to a bus stop posing as someone who was waiting for a bus, when really I’d be people-watching. Though I might take out a snack or read the paper, enjoying just being in their midst. I just liked that low hum of people, the sound of the city, as a simple background supplement to this nice easy time alone. [page 342]

My twenty-year-old self would also eventually make a game out of his watching, at a time when people-watching in general had turned toward girl-watching in particular, referred to on the next page as “this woman-following game”. Car Counting foreshadowed my future incarnation as a stalker!


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