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My Grandson Wants to Read ‘Monstrous’

This despite the fact that he doesn’t know how to read yet, which reminds me of my attraction for cryptic chess notation before I had an idea what it meant. Months ago I dumped a box of Monstrous copies on Goodwill, largely out of a desire that my grandson never see them, but that stubborn part of me that is more proud of my book than uncomfortable with in certain company has led me to hold on to some stragglers, one of which has been an active reading copy. Every time he comes over for some computer time on my lap there’s a copy sitting there in plain sight, one that’s the spitting image of a few up high on a bookshelf, and of course I’ve got a cover that makes Monstrous look like a children’s book, though that was never a conscious intention.

The dude loves his grandpa and I think senses that the book is significant in my life. Perhaps he thinks it significant in much the same way as his papa’s music is significant to his papa. He’s very interested in his papa’s music, I think as a key to understanding who he is, and I guess you can take that pronoun ‘he’ either way and not go wrong.

I don’t believe at this point that I’m going to successfully rid myself of all copies before my grandson is able to read. So it’s going to be on to Plan B, figuring out how to ease him in slowly, on a ready-to-know basis, as to what my book, and his grandpa, is all about.


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