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Fifth Reference Found to ‘The Wizard of Oz’!

I seriously think Monstrous loves The Wizard of Oz even more than it loves The Beatles and the ten songs of theirs that made it in. This first citation listed is the fifth one I’ve found, and every other movie I can think of is referenced by name, whereas all five nods to ‘Oz’ feel so second nature that its title is never mentioned at all.

Vander lived somewhere over the rainbow… [page 46]

…clicked my heels, said ‘There’s no place like home’… [page 259]

…a long ways from mystical Kansas and a long ways from home. [page 312]

…when, like the Wicked Witch, I’d melt into a puddle on the floor. [page 325]

…Quasimodo and the Wicked Witch rolled into one… [page 402]

My Kirkus Discoveries review has been in my head lately for its characterization of my homeless treks as “sad trips”, when I recall them as treasured adventures that I’ll be able to hold in my pocket for as long as my memory holds– or for as long as I’m able to read. But I found myself capable the other day of viewing them from a reader’s perspective for the first time, when I thought about the resemblance between my trips and the trip of Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas . His was a great adventure he was intent on not surviving whereas I mostly wanted to survive the mess I thrust myself into, and like myself he had a lot of fun free-falling before it was Game (Round) Over, but it sure looked sad to me.


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