Tommy Walker

Wheels Toward Kindling Stalled

The Web reproduces adolescence, and I recently fell back on my freak role while the popular kids gathered around and made cracks ostensibly directed at me for the benefit of those around them. All the same, contained in these cracks was useful information, and one of them accounts for my recent attempts to make my book available on Kindle. Though it’s crass to associate five hundred pages of sheer enlightenment with lowly economics, it may be true that my list price turns some people away who otherwise would have bit, and Kindle books are way cheaper.

At first it looked like a piece of cake to make Monstrous available, since my publisher is already Amazon-owned and I just had to click to get started, but I ran into a snag of the IRS apparently needing to double check my tax information, with it saying they’ll get back to me via email if there’s a problem. I don’t actually know of a problem, but thought I’d check my email to see, and now I can’t access it through Microsoft Outlook. Is everyone have the same trouble that I am on this front?

My solution might be as easy as asking my wife for her password when she wakes up. But if it’s what I’ve already been entering I could be in for a headache.


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