Tommy Walker

Manson Is Funny; Berkowitz is Not

What say we get on with the project of proving that Tommy Walker is the best writer in the history of the world, and that Monstrous: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer but for the Grace of God is the best book ever written? We’d be getting ahead of ourselves to be tackling Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA at the turn of the millennium when there were bestsellers Jack Olsen and David Guterson nominally ahead based on their greater exposure. Let’s just start off slow.

Monstrous is the sixth most successful book of that primary title listed at GoodReads behind

Monstrous by Sean Platt
Monstrous by Marcy Kate Connolly
Monstrous by Ty Simmons
Monstrous by Norm Hendricks and
Monstrous by Justin Cline.

But it’s the fourth most successful, or “relevant” anyhow, at Amazon, behind

Monstrous by Ty Simmons
Monstrous by Sean Platt and
Monstrous by Ryan C. Thomas

and Amazon’s better than GoodReads, so there.

Here’s what I have in my pocket: a five-star review– and it happens to be my most recent– in which a reader ranks Monstrous among his top three favorite books. I’d suspect it’s the softest of the three for being his Latest Greatest, but he didn’t distinguish among them and I don’t wish to press the point. I have better in my pocket than this, but I’m not going to bother with the really big guns until I actually need them.

Ty Simmons’ like-named title looked to pose a challenge, with its seventeen reviews to my six and its six five-stars to my one, but there is no equal statement contained in any of his five-star reviews. Closest came from a reader who said it was the best thing they’d read since Twilight. Theoretical tie? Maybe. But nothing that is the greatest thing since sliced bread knocks sliced bread off of its pedestal.

Oh shit, Sean Platt’s book has been reviewed 114 times. I best be going to bed.


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