Tommy Walker

Ridiculous Number of Edits…

…but here it is:

Four Day Weekend

One of the edits was to uncheck the box warning of explicit content. Originally I had decided to be a fully disclosing good citizen based on this small passage from when I was eighteen years old:

Realizing I had plopped in a fairly decent wilderness, started feeling a little tug in the loins. I pulled my pants down and started stroking.

As it always seemed to go, I could see them but they couldn’t see me. “They” now being the folks in the passing cars. And as I stroked I wondered vaguely if any of those hundreds of people had accidentally looked up and later reported a strange man. Seemed almost illegal for me to be as close to the road as I was, because you just didn’t see people hanging off the sides of freeways. Concealing my dick behind bushes may not have been enough.

But I found that the effect of checking this box was to put up a ‘Do Not Enter’ wall against minors, as if the story on the whole was pornographic. If my 46-year-old self saw one of those walls, I’d go “Yuck” and turn away.

(I have a ‘yuck’ response to erotica, not to visual hard-core, though I’m sure I’d have been better off if I did.)


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