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What The Heck.

Last night I gave you three of six; here are the other three. These are so-called “quotes” from Monstrous that I’ve posted to GoodReads. The first is a personal favorite seconded by a lover of sarcasm. Next comes a paragraph that one of my back cover blurbers called her most re-readable in fifteen years. Finally, a quote on the order of a quip which in its original context started with a lowercase ‘b’.

“Television is the most insidious form of escape known to man. It is the leading medication in the production of catatonia, cutting attention spans down to nothing, and as result will gut the sales of this book. And nobody gives a rat’s ass because everyone’s catatonic.”

“When the hippie era ended and the hangover began, as idealism gives way to disillusionment, the hair of the marchers and street-dancers kept getting longer, and soon it began to tangle. Free love deteriorated into loveless promiscuity, our great electric Kool-Aid acid test churned out an entire generation of burnt-out old relics, and the hair, once a symbol of freedom, became symbolic of the new face of prison, a lawlessness which taken to its logical extreme would imprison all of society as our growing criminal element took to the streets.”

“Brrrrrr. Like a lady had handed me a pickle jar that I simply couldn’t open, and I wasn’t a man anymore.”


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