Tommy Walker


Haven’t missed a day since getting back in the swing and I can’t start now. Today I joined BookTalk and told their community of the existence of my non-fiction book.

Monstrous: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer but for the Grace of God

Next I foresee myself participating in the book discussion forum, and also I must rally myself to sit through the GoodReads tutorials to get a leg up there as well. I found a site that lists 42 places where a fellow can promote their books, and my intention is to knock ’em down one by one. Projecting myself to the end of this project, I will have done more publicity-wise ten years after the fact that I ever did when Monstrous was brand new. This time I am seriously going to try to make this work economically. I imagine myself to be readier for whatever this time around, and I have recently come to acknowledge that there is no conventional means of support available in this world that represents who I am half as well as my beautiful book.


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