Tommy Walker

More Than Meets The Eye

I swore a long time ago that if the Martians ever came down and chose me for their guide to lead them to intelligent life that I would turn them away saying there wasn’t any here. If ever we had any candidates you would think they’d have come from the field of science, as in rocket science, but I keep thinking how whenever a new discovery is made, it’s treated as the final word until the next discovery makes the previous one obsolete. At no time do the scientists catch on to this phenomenon and say well this is what we think at the moment but I’m sure we’re full of crap. Most embarrassing have been the attempts to define human uniqueness, such as the old claim that we’re the only species with language or the only one that fill-in-the-blank.

I’m put in mind of this after watching a documentary on Richard Trenton Chase. Nothing out of the ordinary was discovered about his treatment in life, or nothing that couldn’t be downplayed, prior to his first bizarre acts, and the various so-called experts were all-too-easily swayed to the conclusion that there was nothing there. Like they didn’t believe a person could experience life and be influenced by it when no distant neighbors were looking.

I don’t have a refutation at the ready, though the bogus claims as to Chase’s “erectile dysfunction” (he had no problem getting it up when the object was dead) suggests an issue that can scarcely arise from anything other than a contextual life. What I do know is that a comp of his, Herb Mullin (earthquake prevention is a sideshow) is also a comp of mine, existentially speaking, and I have lived a life that makes sense.

Probably none of this would be bemoaned tonight were it not for the starkly different takes I came across recently on Glen Rogers’ life. The Wikipedia entry says that the serial killer’s childhood was unremarkable, yet a documentary has just come out from his own brother’s perspective that paints his childhood as a fertile ground for some seriously wicked potential. Oh, so maybe his childhood was remarkable after all. Will they ever learn? No, they won’t.


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