Tommy Walker

Cortisol, My Ass

Lots of carts before horses when it comes to scientific explanations for aberrant mindsets and behavior. Take a normal person with a few unusual gifts, drop-kick him into an extremely instructive, interesting family environment, watch him acquire a take on the world that is 51-49 as opposed to the 50-50 of his peers, then watch as he becomes a lightning rod for all the 50-50s when their aggressions against him fail to bend him back to 50 and he instead goes 52-48. This purely hypothetical person has Truth on his side, so we can do this all day. He is no less normal at 52-48 than he was at 51-49, since he’s reacting as any normal person would under the same circumstances. And he will be no less normal at 99-1, even though he experiences the suckitude of life, to the extent that it must involve people, more acutely than the other 99.

At some point when the spread gets really striking, at like say a thousand to one, cause may be found to pry his head open and go rummaging around, and chances are excellent that you’re going to find that his cortisol levels are low. The levels will come to match with this person’s unusual acquired ability to see that all roads lead to death, coupled with his inability to distract himself in the meantime. He looks around one day and says “There is almost nothing here for me” and he doesn’t mean cortisol.


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