Tommy Walker

Living Room Floor

…the living room floor is one of the most important elements of working on a manuscript.

Totally agree, and I remember mine well. The link is to a liker from yesterday who kinda looks like a real human being, and I just want to add that this is true not just for poets, though I myself have been a poet on the side and in fact have included some poetry within my book. There’s a poem and a partial from the heart of the bad old days that double as song lyrics, if only you could hear the music…

Four Angles of the Empty Set [partial, page 278]
In My Garden [whole, pages 290-91]

…and a series of mostly untitled poetic personal ads, both published and scrapped, from during my emotional comeback, a couple of which could stand on their own as straight poems:

Gingerbread Man [pages 410-11]
Nightmare [pages 440-441]

Bless their souls, Amazon blocked me against quickly finding the page numbers associated with “In My Garden” via their Search Inside feature, possibly because I had worn out my welcome and there’s copyright issues– I mustn’t be permitted to rip myself off. You might have better luck, or not, if you make it the first thing you search and not the fourth like I did. I see that my page has a new look to it, which is nice irrespective of the lack of actually new content.

In the interest of completion, a high priority of Monstrous and an ongoing concern, I also re-print (twice) a four-line poem, “If in Heaven” that I suspect is public domain, and in any case consider my property in that it was gifted, written to me. Perhaps compulsive silliness is leading me to mention “Driving Down the Road in My Car” and its five-line song refrain, because as poetry it’s pretty awful but at least it rhymes.


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