Tommy Walker

My Most Influential Movie Not What You’d Think


The way to go astray would be to take me at my word with regard to my About and my yammering of late. But Ken Russell’s adaptation of the Who’s rock opera Tommy may not have even been the most significant movie I saw that fateful day.

Better to look inside yourself and ask yourself the question. And in the process see how closely you resemble a self-proclaimed could-have-been serial killer. Which movie has imprinted itself most on your brain?

Wizard of Oz, am I right?

I count four references to The Wizard of Oz in Monstrous without the actual movie ever being discussed, and would be hard-pressed to think of any references at all to other movies that aren’t cases of specific titles being given the spotlight.

…clicked my heels, said ‘There’s no place like home’… [page 259]

…a long ways from mystical Kansas and a long ways from home. [page 312]

…when, like the Wicked Witch, I’d melt into a puddle on the floor. [page 325]

…Quasimodo and the Wicked Witch rolled into one… [page 402]


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