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Maybe a 9.9

Monstrous is not a perfect book, but it has never really been caught for the ways in which it isn’t. The Grapes of Wrath was perfection but fiction doesn’t count, and I don’t just mean apples and oranges. Fiction has realized its potential inside its smaller box, and it’s time to hand off to non-. It’s been time ever since the case of Herrs Meiwes and Brandes. Not only is truth stranger than fiction, but the advent of the Know-It-All-machine that is information technology and particularly Google, has made it so we can begin to approach the whole truth and nothing but the truth without having to paint in huge gaps. I’m especially down on fiction (and on fictionalized non-) because attachment to the outdated form has meant that my memoir often gets shafted for the failure of my real life to conform to the pretend accounts that we have all grown up on.

Monstrous offers so very much that readers are not used to, that it often has to come from behind in readers’ minds as they acclimate themselves to all the strange goings on that proper gatekeepers would never let them see. A curious example of this, apparently– I’m really not much of a reader anymore so I can’t say for sure– is that as fat a book as mine is, Monstrous actually takes editing to a higher level than has ever gone mainstream. I am the author of my autobiography and no one is apt to forget it, so why the hell should I continuously be using the word ‘I’? A page and a half of these ‘I’s got shaved off, many at the starts of sentences, for which I’ve gotten nothing but grief. It’s cool to start sentences with words that never get to start sentences, to cart out cool capital letters that hardly ever get their day in the sun.


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