Tommy Walker

Glory to the One who can Find the Moment that my Cover Captures

The Hourglass was once suggested to me as a possible title for my book by a creative writing workshop instructor who I met a few times face to face. A foundational analogy between life and hourglasses is made toward the start of the book, and to some extent the story unfolds in such a way as to illuminate its truth. Like so many readers to follow, she didn’t buy into the idea that I could have been a serial killer. If she agreed with Amazon’s DVDJones that I was merely revolting as opposed to monstrous, this she did not let on.

A former working title of Monstrous was The Virgin Gary, a stretch now for how far the book’s come as a finished product, and a former working subtitle was The Spiritual Autobiography of a Would-Be Serial Killer.

For the instructor my manuscript was symbolized best by the anecdote which inspired my cover art. So I have to agree on her choice, just not quite on what it all means. All three elements that make up the cover presentation in fact– title, illustration and my nom de plume –are plucked straight from the pages of my book.

Page 422– “My God, I am Tommy” (the other Tommy’s mother, Mrs. Walker is mentioned two lines up)
Page 450– Everything I write points to the word “monstrous”.

I would like to make a party game of where the cover art comes from, so I won’t hand that to you on a platter.


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