Tommy Walker


Sending My Regrets

Please share the frothy hatred regarding ‘Titanic’. I loved that movie like almost no other. I think of the old couple in bed that didn’t even try to survive when I need a good cry.

But I’m with you about the uncalled for criticism of a killer’s gravedigging skills and what have you. I understand about not wanting to give a killer credit for anythng, but so often the mainstream look like idiots if you take them at their word that they actually believe their lines about the attributes of killers in areas having nothing to do with why they oppose them. The talking heads are idiots if they are honest, and dishonest if they know what they’re doing. If you’ve never harmed anyone and are idealistically against idiocy and dishonesty, and on one side you have somebody who did their best under circumstances you don’t understand, while on the other you have a fellow taking potshots, stuff like that can persuade the idealist to join the true Good Guys.


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