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When the Bloom was on the Rose


Here’s another AuthorsDen find from almost exactly a decade ago that I wish to prevent from disappearing forever someday. I am thinking of giving that outlet another chance, as they appear to be going strong all these years later, with a decent number of reviews per title. I had originally left disgusted at how incestuous the community was after just a couple of months, the authors all congratulating each other on their wonderful books solely for those all-important click backs. Granted, this is substantially how I operate as well, but then I am an author, self-published, and that’s what I have to do. The jury is still out for me as to whether the WordPress scene is similarly lacking in real readers.


Authors Den

…I’m actually getting around to posting this news (ed.– of my book’s availability) four sales into my new life post-publication, one of which appears to have netted me a lifelong friend in addition to fourteen dollars in royalties (as he bought a second copy as a gift to one of his buddies in Britain), not to mention a brand new watch and twelfth century penny. Charles Bukowski’s “Post Office” is en route to me as we speak. All of which is to say that “Monstrous: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer but for the Grace of God” is a powerful enough story to [have affected] at least one person deeply.

Here is some of what my new pal has had to say:

“Your book is a glorious mindf*ck! Wish it was a film too! Like it or not you have written a cult classic! There is no let up, no respite, what a work, man! Your descriptions of your feelings remind me of Charles Bukowski in that they are so vivid, [but] there it stops, because I have never read anything like it, and I am fairly well read.”

To my wife he added this:

“I am becoming obsessed with the idea that Tommy’s book gets the recognition it deserves. When I think of the works I have read by so-called great writers, they are piss-ants compared with Tommy’s honesty, and when he describes emotion, I actually feel them for him.”

At a job interview the other day I was asked where I wanted to be ten years from now, and I answered that my ambition was to spend the rest of my life answering fan mail. You can help make my dream a reality by contacting me at…


Pretty crass, huh, to be trading on my new friendship? Or does the fact our lifelong friendship never really developed make it alright? (Andy, I will welcome you with open arms if you appear out of the woodwork, even though I recently watched a video about the signs you have met a psychopath that reminded me of you.)

I very much wish I could put my hands on that twelfth century penny. Maybe it’s in the same place as my Anneli Rufus review.


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