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What REALLY Annoys Me is I Can’t Put My Hands on Anneli Rufus’ Review

It doesn’t appear to be at Crime Magazine anymore, and I can’t imagine having thrown out my copy in the days leading up to my move from Seattle.  The review is outside  my current theme of bashing Amazoners, but its absence was discovered in the midst of all the fun.


The book is very interesting, it makes you think and gives you some ideas, but I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, nor would I ever recommend this to children!

Nico, I was counting on you to spearhead my comeback after three straight subpar showings, but this review is just too vague to extract any meaning other than that it is possible for a person to love Monstrous if they have a certain cast of mind.  What’s worrisome though is speculating as to what cast of mind exactly are we talking about here?  What kind of ideas does it give you???


Here we have a long winded and very tedious story of a young man who enjoys walking around all day and night. We also are privy to his eating and sleeping and [masturbating]. Sometimes he follows people around and pretends to hurt them and sometimes he just [masturbates] some more. Kinda describes the daily activities of [a lot] of people I know. But thankfully, they don’t feel the need to write 600 pages about their wandering around and [masturbating].

I take it all back– I am NOT always annoyed.  This is my very favorite review.  I know it by heart and love to recite it at odd times during the day.  Ah, what is love?  It is the pure distillation into poetry of how the typical Monstrous knocker views my book, coming from a person who has satisfied me that she actually read it.


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