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I am Annoyed by my Readers (Bryan Nelson’s Turn)

Bryan Nelson

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Who am I kidding? I loved Deviant Crimes founder Bryan Nelson’s review. I am thankful for having such a detailed and thoughtful review to showcase on Amazon from someone who *got* Monstrous. This professional who treats sex offenders and who has painstakingly researched serial murder for many years is the one who most saw my potential (for becoming a murderer).

Here my lamentations are primarily about his muted, buttoned-down tone when I know Bryan to be capable of letting loose privately, of gushing about a book that perhaps he loves too much for comfort instead of hiding behind academia, playing it dry and understated in keeping with the tenor of his colleagues and the rest of his library. Yes, he is another reviewer I corresponded with. I promise though that all who are yet to get theirs reviewed of their own free will.

Though I appreciated his objectivity, I think he carried it to the point of mania, docking me a star for the disappointment or disgust that he imagined other readers might feel. C’mon, Bryan, what did you think? You read the freaker twice back-to-back, all 600 pages though let’s not get excited– a simple change in trim size has since lowered the count to 500– and after you posted the review you said that you’d picked the book up a third time. You are scribbling in the margins; you are copying pages for use in your classroom. You are NOT ALLOWED to dock me a star when I have changed your life.


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