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Monstrous Lifetime First

And first thought: ‘What the?’, followed by a dawning that it might be a practical joke, but now I think it’s for real. I just saw my own book advertised in the sidebar of a regular website.

I was looking for fresh talk regarding Mr. Anime/Trey Sesler, for something that I might play off of so I could be a ratings whore and further capitalize on the biggest news item I’ve ever helped to cover.

(Suddenly have become the kind of guy who looks at ‘Anime/Trey’ and wonders if the slash will make both keywords harder for engines to find. Yes, Tommy Walker is learning, if perhaps the process is slow; it’ll be another day that I act as result of my wondering, if I ever do).

I figure it was Google AdSense sniffing out Monstrous as appropriate to associate with the Mr. Anime story, based on my own act of writing halfway voluminously about Mr. Anime on a blog ultimately devoted to making you all aware of my book.

Stay tuned for future earth-shaking reports (the earth shakes when my mind boggles), as perchance when one of these days I might catch an actual reader writing about Monstrous without having first been jollied into it by either Amazon or myself.


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