Tommy Walker

Mr. Anime Post-Lobotomy

A layman’s snap judgment– sorry. Maybe what we’ve been seeing in Trey Sesler’s more recent videos is the onset of schizophrenia; maybe the pneumothorax self-reported on plays into it somehow. I have not pinpointed where the change occurred, but boy is it striking to compare Mr. Anime’s recent stuff with his earlier work. He used to be a genius, but not anymore looks like, and a little bird tells me that he probably remembers sharper days through his current fog now and then, and doesn’t like the change.

The murderer on his way that I see watching his videos comes from viewing his early stuff, when he was sharp as a tack and full of attitude. Often he would voice that he didn’t give a fuck, but there he was striving toward worldly pursuits as if he gave a handjob at least. But clearly he aspired to not giving a fiddler’s fart, like he aspired to so many things, and toward the end we may truly have been witnessing a man with next to no motivation.

Whatever name is to be used to account for the outward change, I do not trust it to account for his inner movement. When I play the Party Game with myself and look for comps, naturally I see myself as closely resembling Ted Bundy. But it surprised me to learn how much I had in common with earthquake preventer Herb Mullin. Sometimes a person just needs a little help to do the dirty job that needs doing. If they are too sane they have to go crazy.

I’ve noticed this a lot with white offenders as opposed to black guys. And maybe it’s not so much about being Saner Than Thou as having a too-nice persona. In the American black subculture it’s okay to be angry. They have every right to be angry, it makes sense to be angry, and the emotion is not hidden from view. The black murderer doesn’t need the extra help; he can kill you while perfectly sane. Whitey, on the other hand, is all about keeping up appearances that everything’s hunky-dory, even though if you looked hard enough you would realize he too could reasonably feel in the way that he does. So Whitey arranges a deal with the gods, or with the left hand God’s right disavows, and is transformed into the psycho he needs to be to pull his violence off.


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