Tommy Walker

Mr. Anime– Reactions to Reactions

“I don’t even know how I’m supposed to feel about this.”

My, the most pressing concern a ‘psychopath’ or chameleon growing up deals with every day, and it takes a tragedy for a normal to visit the same desperate place. Could it be, just maybe, that my people are dealing with something existentially from one breath to the next that is on a par with what you go through only on your very worst days? Where do your qualifications for passing judgment come from, given the severity of your underexposure to the outlines of reality?

Trey Sesler hid virtually nothing about who he was. He hid in plain sight in your lie. Take a retrospective stroll through his history as a reviewer and tell me that you can’t see a murderer in the making. He shoots guns at people in his videos and shows the splattering blood, he ‘stabs’ himself and laughs– or wait– that is you and I laughing. He subliminally (ha ha) embeds the words “Fuck You All” in a video and compels you to rewind so that you will ‘catch’ him the second time around. You shoot toy guns in your own videos, but it’s just a gag. You stab yourself, or do you, but if you did you would find it hilarious, because it is just for pretend. You would make yourself out to be other than who you are; you are the liar in this picture.


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