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Labyrinth of the Psychopath 2 Flattery

Good observations from the scruffy-faced man, the most wonderful/stupendous/fabulous observations ever made. But a certain level of confusion in putting pieces together. I should have been tipped off by the title.

‘Psychopath’, of course, is a fairly useless term so far as definitions…as an aside, did you know that morons are smarter than idiots, if IQ measures smarts? Still, I could do a search of ‘psychopath’ and proceed with some confidence that the results would lead me to the kind of material I was after. “…and he might want your sexual organs…” Yes indeedy dumdrops–I have come to the right place.

The real tip-off though, was in the use of ‘labyrinth’, because that’s what the Big Picture looks like to a confused mind. Where something not fathomed is accepted as unfathomable, then incredibly used as a building block to explain the next unfathomable thing.

There was an interesting moment in the video for me, when the lecturer slipped up and gave my people a compliment. (I have definitely been a chameleon in life, and many of the man’s descriptions did apply to me, or historical versions of me, though if I had to pick between my two choices of paper or plastic, I would have taken psychotic over psychopathic.)

Anyhow, what he said was that psychopaths are great students of human behavior. This was followed up so quickly with “Because they have no conscience” at the start of his next point, that it sounded at first like the lack of conscience was being used to explain what great students we were. So it’s me who was confused, right? Yeah, well, maybe…but I don’t think he minded the inference. It was such an erratic turn, such a desperate swerve to not allow the stink of his previous statement to hang in the air. He swerved and he missed…an opportunity.

I’m a great student personally because I observe straightforwardly, from an outsider’s perspective. I am a being before I’m a human– I do not have a pro-people bias. Yes, I am unbiased. And when you sit on the fence requiring that humanity show itself worthy before deciding to join their team, all indications seem to be that humanity does not win one over. You have to be warped, biased in favor of humans, to come down on their side.


Now off-video but related, I remember reading something about Charles Manson’s “weird honesty”. What’s so weird about it? And in any case, why can’t a fellow just be honest and weird, instead of weirdly honest and weird? How does one get creepier the more that their negatives are tempered by positive traits?

On honesty in particular, I have always been singularly unimpressed with that of the good guys measured against the baddies. Honesty both in absolute terms for interviewees in prison who have given up The Game, and relative to how much a person has to hide while they are still Playing. Many a sadist in fact loves honesty for its brutality, and normals just don’t value the virtue nearly as high.


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