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Heavens to Betsy…

Not going to do my usual thing of linking to the latest WordPress post that I might have played off of. “Whisk Me Away to Your Psychotic Fantasy Land” is very worthy of visitors and feedback, if perhaps ‘likes’ are inappropriate, least from the likes of me. There are enough people already who saturate themselves in the subject of serial murder who nonetheless can’t handle my input , and here we have a woman who would really rather post about upholstery but who is going through something all too real and immediate at the moment. I sure hope it passes for her.


What kind of a monster would do that to a young girl?

A) A three-headed monster?
B) The Loch Ness monster?
C) A Sesame Street monster?

Is there anybody else who detects a hint of ‘Have you stopped beating your wife’? And yet this is exactly the sort of question that is asked in all seriousness by people who supposedly want real answers.


What a remarkable funhouse mirror Charles Manson is. A boring funhouse mirror according to the latest opinion I’ve come across with regard to the greatest performance artist of our time. He is anything you want him to be, including a serial killer, and by ‘you’ I mean you, over there, a fact about you that Manson knows too well.

…in her eyes that knew too much I saw the embodiment of evil.

Quite a lot of context surrounding this quote from my book were I to bring you up to speed. Suffice it to say that I think I’m onto something, that the essential feature of evil in the eyes of who the beholder’s looking at is that they know too much.

I have never seen this point underscored so well as in the movie Erin Brockovich. Erin was holding a conference, and there in the audience sat a guy who was creeping her out; he looked like he wanted to kill her. You could see it in his eyes. But in truth he was there to help her; he was a mole possessing secret knowledge pertaining to Erin’s situation, and he was trying to pass along to her silently, reassuringly, that he had information that would make everything alright.

A person who plans to kill you is going to share the same look, if they want to terrorize in the process. But it isn’t murder he has in his eyes; it’s his secret knowledge. He is conveying telepathically that he knows more– a lot more– about how your future is going to unfold than you know yourself.


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