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Serial Killers: Ed Gein

A little umbrage at the ‘mad’ characterization. I think Ed Gein was simply the most artistic multiple murderer who ever lived. Or the one who best blended his immense creativity with his murderous side. His handiwork wasn’t exactly feces randomly smeared on the walls, like the works of a Jackson Pollack.

My sources put Gein down for only two kills, one below the cut-off for most serial murder definitions, though I personally have no problem with setting the bar at two. In fact, when it comes to profiling, I’d rather drop it to one, in cases where we can infer that the murder was committed by an established serial killer type. To me it’s more meaningful that the offender will have the inclination to go hunting again and again, regardless of how successful he is at his craft. When a certain level of past success is needed to make the club, I feel this unnecessarily inflates the median ‘hunter’ IQ.

There *is* such a thing as a mixed, organized/disorganized (planning/pantsing) type, according to the latest– just don’t ask me to pull a name from the sky. (Probably just the nature of things, that mongrels are less memorable than purebreds). Actually, I believe Ted Bundy has been downgraded from organized to mixed; seems that the more we learn about the breed, the more we come to realize that there isn’t a ‘breed’ per se that can easily be pigeonholed. Bundy definitely slid toward the disorganized, psychotic end of the psychopathic/psychotic spectrum late in his career.

Anecdotally, ‘What Kind of Serial Killer are You’ is a party game I can play as a solitaire, looking back on my own history and extrapolating where I would have wound up if I had kept on going. I would definitely have been a ‘pantser’, even though I’m brilliant (and modest), even though all the textbooks say that the ‘organized’ offenders are way smarter than the ‘disorganized’ types. One more pet peeve of mine– that my personality (if one could call it such), my very way of being…has been defined by investigators in terms of something I lack– a fetish for organization in how I generally conduct my life. This unfortunate state of things almost certainly flows from the fact that cops relate to the psychopaths more than to us psychotics– and just to be clear, I use these labels without ascribing real meaning to them. I am just a guy, just like Richard Ramirez.


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